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David Dawn

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We have started this website to educate the people of the world of the ancient history that has been ignored or erased from the history books of the modern day world.

Kemet Civilization Timeline

Introduction to the Kemet Civilization

We need to rewrite the history books to involve the scientific discoveries made in the nineteenth century. All of the different races of the world would be informed about the real history of the past. This would give each culture a little more pride of their past.

The black race of America has had their culture taken from them and has been forced to live generation after generation adopting a white culture. Many people of the black race of America think and believe that their history starts with the slave days. This kind of thinking makes a person of any race feel less about themselves than other people or other races and lack of true pride which all other cultures have.

All cultures can refer to their ancient home land. The Greek, Chinese, British, Japanese, Irish, etc., etc., etc. can look proudly on their ancient history. Scientists have been finding evidence of a misleading or false history of the European and American cultures for more then a hundred years. The bits and pieces of information found by the scientists were suppressed or looked at as a minor discovery. Now there are enough bits and pieces of information accumulated as to where you can see a different story of history. All of the conquerors throughout the ages have chosen to teach their history to all of the people of the conquered land. They did this to destroy or erase the conquered history after they had taken the knowledge that they needed to strengthen their race, nation and pride. The American and British countries are perfect examples of what conquerors have done in the past.

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