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Website founded by:
David Dawn

We have started this website to educate the people of the world of the culture and religion of our ancient ancestors from the Kemet Civilization, which religions and organizations use to stay in power.

Kemet Civilization Timeline

Introduction to the Kemet Civilization
(updated: 10/20/14)

The Kemet Nation developed the idea of civilized thought which has influenced humanity around the world. This was conquered, written out, ignored, and erased from our modern day history.

A total of 11 nations from the past to today took the knowledge of the Kemet Nation and applied it to their contribution to the modern day civilization. The only thing that gives tribute to the Kemet Civilization is in the Library of Congress.

We have no relationship with the Scientology religion or the church of Scientology.

We do relate science with religion in the way of teaching technology of the soul and spirit interfusing with the cosmos.
The Kemet religion is for everybody...
not reserved only for the special religions such as Illuminati, Free Masons, and Rosicurian.

These organizations practice the teachings of the Kemets behind closed doors. The teachings of the Creator was meant to be told to anyone with an open mind, and is the key to world peace, and peace within yourself, no matter where you come from or what you think.

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