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David Dawn

We have started this website to educate all the people of ancient Black History, and all the different races around the world of the culture and religion of modern man's ancient ancestors from the Kemet Civilization.

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We have no relationship with the Scientology religion or the church of Scientology.

We do relate science with religion by teaching at this point of time the very basic methods of the technology of the soul and spirit binding together with nature and the cosmos.

We are here to be one with nature and the cosmos on this earth. We are not here just be a part of a group of cancerous beings living on this earth.

Introduction to the Kemet Civilization
(Website updated: 8/12/15)

The Kemet Nation was the first nation of our modern day history. It consisted of what is now called Egypt and Ethiopia and was founded in 3,200 B.C.E.

The Kemet Nation developed the idea of civilized thought which has influenced humanity around the world.

The Kemet Civilization was conquered and then was written out of, and erased from, our modern day American and European history books. The general population is lead to believe that only the 25th Dynasty had black leaders.

From what I have seen, the people from these private and public organizations around the world and readers of these famous, best selling books are mainly white people. Who is studying and living the secrets of life?

In reality from the beginning of modern day man to the end of the 24th Dynasty, was ruled by people of color. This means that everyone in any of the bibles of this time area were people of color.

Knowledge and Power

I am a strong believer that knowledge of the true history of man and the true history of yourself leads to power. See our timeline and do some of your own research to verify my findings.

The Kemet Religion is for Everybody

It is not reserved only for the special religions such as the elite of the Roman Catholic Church, Illuminati, Free Masons, and Rosicrucianís who add their own man-made ideas and rules or book writers, royal families, governments and the elite people in private organizations.

They have and still do use the information or teachings from this part of our history to stay in power and to make money. These organizations practice the teachings of the Kemetís behind closed doors to keep the general population living in fear, always staying blind. They want us to live our life from day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck, living as followers in a nice comfort zone.

The Teachings of the Creator

These teachings were meant to be told to anyone in any race, in any class or anyone with an open mind. This is the key to world peace, and peace withinyour self. No matter where you come from or what you think, you will improve your life, subconsciously in one way or another, just by knowing about the Kemet Civilization.

Eleven Nations from our Modern Day History

Each nation took the knowledge of the Kemet Civilization and applied it to their contribution to our present modern day civilization to make it as we know it today. The only place that gives tribute to the Kemet Civilization is in the Library of Congress books and websites (and they only will give tribute to ancient Egypt). The Library of Congress should call ancient Egypt its true name, Kemet and they should not refer to Egypt as "ancient."

We address only the very basic teachings of the Kemet religion at this time. This is because when a person uses the cosmos as a tool and they have negative ways, only negative things will happen to that person and his surroundings.

Practice Positive Habits

People need to practice positive habits to be purified mentally, physically and socially of as much negative habits as possible to start practicing the true Kemet way of life.

Historical Role

As long as a person is doing their best to live a positive life and it does not matter what religion or life style a person claims. They will be living their life in line with the very basic way of the Kemet religion.

A quote from Dr. John A. Clark which really states what way we must look at our lifeís and if you really understand it you will see the light of our ancient ancestors.

"History is a clock that the people use to tell their cultural and political time of day and history is a compass people use to find their selves on the map of human geography. History tells the people who they were and where they were as well as whom they are and where they are. The most important role of history is to tell the people where they must go and where they must be. The relationship between a person and history is the same as the relationship between a child and its mother."

History brings the past, present and the future together as one, as in the Kemet philosophy. We need to learn how to stop the negative patterns and cycles with in our lifeís. The only way to do this is to know our true history of the ancients and of our own families. The only thing most people know of these modern times is the history, religion, culture, philosophy and social structure of a conqueror.

Remember, we need to get out of our comfort zone to continue to learn and to improve our spiritual life.

Most people are living his story and not their own true history. Only when we are honest with ourself, is the only time when we will see what is needed in order to change our mental, physical and social life.