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News Alert for Negus

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Calling for Support
by: David Dawn

Website founded by:
David Dawn

We have started this website to educate all the people of ancient Black History, and all the different races around the world of the culture and religion of modern man's ancient ancestors from the Kemet Civilization.


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Being mixed with two or more races actually makes a person a little more interested in achieving a better life for themselves and their family, just because of what they feel they are lacking in their lives.

I believe that they should know the history of each race that they are mixed with, along with the language of that country. If a mixed person knows the history and language of each race that is within them then they will be so much more knowledgeable then the average person. Thus subconsciously they will live a much better life in religion, philosophy and social status.

Most people are living this story and not their own true history. Only when we are honest with ourselves, is the only time when we will see what is needed in order to change our mental, physical, and social life.

Remember, we need to get out of our comfort zone to continue to learn and to improve our spiritual self and quality of life.